The Logic of our Intuition

What could possibly be more logical than our own internal navigation system?

Our intuition has kept us as humans alive,
it’s helped us pick out our tribe,
tells what doesn’t feel safe.

How logical is it to not listen to that internal GPS?

Well thankfully the energies this month are helping clear the way for us in this area.

Many have been taught to not listen to their intuition.
This month we have an opportunity to get back in synch.

Capricorn time helps get us really practical and working at what is our real Earthly ways of working and manifesting on this planet.

Capricorn(though a feminine sign) is often viewed as the father, structured, sturdy, doing everything to provide for the family, can be a little cold but gets to the point of the matter.
Thank goodness for Capricorn energy!

On January 12th the Full Moon in Cancer creates the opposing energy of the great Mother, the nurturer, the mystical and intuitive mother that sees all.
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We often say in parenting the mother provides the roots and the father provides the wings. Metaphorically Cancer is the home environment or your sense of home/roots that strengthens(or weakens) your ability to fly into your work in the world.

We get an opportunity to really look at the stuck emotions that want to be released now so you can fly in 2017.

That is right after Mercury goes direct Sunday before the full moon..

We have been experiencing this retrograde(review, revisit, redo) the entire time the sun has been in the work horse of Capricorn..

which for many of us has been frustrating at times because it slowed our roll.
This was purposeful it has built more of our internal work and strengthened the logic of intuition in our mind.(look to my free video at the bottom for way to use the tail end of this retrograde to jump forward).

This Sunday Jan. 8th Mercury goes direct and when that happens we are going to experience a rare time of all planets going direct.

Powerful Forward momentum
if we choose to use it.

Fun time to make things happen on all levels.

As science slowly gets on board with the feminine, the intuition, non-physical the only thing holding us back from growth is programming, the old patriarchal ways, that came in and tried to destroy any power that the Great Mother within us had.

Are we as a society really going to let that programming hold us back from what is rightfully ours?

No matter how much internal work we do, we just being magnetized humans carry some of this programming still.

It’s all around us and it’s mirrored in the media and movies that we sometimes choose to consume or expose ourselves to.

Our parents or whom ever you were raised by carried and deposited some of this programming unto you as well.

This last December at the new moon I said it’s a time to nurture a worthy future,
when we get to the full moon it’s a time that the sun shines it’s light onto what is holding us back from that to remember that it’s ours for the choosing. 

What messages/implants/stories have kept you from your work in the world?

One of my many favorite teachers Peggy O’mara says:
“The way we talk to our children becomes there inner voice.”

BUT we always have an opportunity to see this and clear that old voice if it’s no longer serving us.
Keep what we love, lose the rest.

And with the archetypes of the mother and the father,

we learn to say we are not are parents children!

We are our the future and the future is now.

So set aside an hour of your time grab a cup of tea and your art supplies.
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