New Moon Intentions

The New Moon is a really potent and quiet time to set your intentions for the next cycle.

Each cycle has a flavor so to speak(an astrological sign) that the moon is in at the time of the new moon.  It is the same sign that the sun is in at that time.  That flavor so to speak gives you information of where may be good uses of your energy and your intentions.

I love the new and full moon so much that I offer mini astrological intuitive readings that help you understand the energies more and tell you what house(of the 12 astrological houses) the new moon is happening for you. 

This offers a better picture of how the flavor will hit your palate so to speak.

If you have your birth date, time and place you can order a mini.  

I offer one for $55 or two for the new and full moon for $75(this is also good for the eclipse season that we will have in Feb. 2017) but space is limited so def. order here soon.

Of course these are only mini readings they are not a full astrological intuitive chart readings, which I also offer as well.

I wanted to share with you a little recording that I did a while ago on new moon intention setting. 

This recording I talk about the Leo new moon so just ignore that.   Also you’ll want a pen and paper. 

And lastly you will need to pause it throughout if you are trying to work alongside the recording.

On this new moon video in which I talk about the power of the first new moon of the year and all the other things that may be effecting us right now.

We are all connected.
To each other, to the Sun, to the Moon.
The sun feeds our external life, our personality, what brings brightness and clarity.
The moon feeds our internal life, our emotions and intuition, offers the opportunity to make us feel comforted and safe.
The moon teaches us to nurture emotional and intuitive freedom.
It teaches us the value of both light and dark.
When we sit with the darkness we find our vision for ourselves, our imagination, our own voice and our courage.
When we sit with the light of the full moon it illuminates our own barriers to alignment, it offers us the energy and power to greet our own shadows.
The cycles of the moon teach us about our own energetic cycles.
Being in syncs with the moon brings us more inner peace.
Listening to the energy of the moon is listening to the call of our inner voice.
Our intuition.