Awakening the Roar

Ready to Roar?
This energetic forecast with a prenumbral lunar eclipse Feb.10th in 22 degrees of Leo.

This is a really powerful time for many that need to make their voices heard.

Those that maybe for the first time in their lives are challenging the extreme masculine and illusions of limitations.

This is strengthening the light more than it is allowing the dark. Trust this process. Trust in the goodness.

This is still painful.
We’ve been here before, we don’t understand the pull back.

But not all of us have been here before or simply have forgotten…
So many more were meant to confront this darkness and still choose light.

This is a very important time for us all to stay committed to a higher vision for our families, our community and our world.

Glue to that vision like our world depends on it because it does.

Utilize that Aquarius/Leo energy for positivity, use your roar in persistence for that ultimate goal.

Not to fight your self, not to fight your loved ones, not to fight without knowing why or what you are fighting.

Don’t play into the hand, make your own plan.

My youngest child, an Aquarius through and through tends to do this thing that drives me crazy by stating what is wrong with a given situation. She does this instead of asking for what she truly wants.

Example “mama I don’t have any soup, do I not get soup?” she excessively whines.

Me “Would you like soup, love? Can you simply ask for what you want?”

Let me mama you for a minute.

Instead of thinking of five things that are wrong and how we are all screwed,
can you instead think of what you want?
For yourself, for your family, for the world?

We have to understand that this is an opportunity to change everything that has been backwards about our country a long time.
We will shine, we will shine brighter together.
The will to shine THROUGH no matter the cost.

A big cleansing of emotions an internal death and rebirth is necessary first.

Working our way from the inside out into the world.

This is how we truly purge our country of the filth of fascism, we find the bits of fascism and fear within ourselves, within our own family of origin. Within our brain.

Now I know no one wants to really admit that we have this energy within.
(Not even fascists like to be called that.)

But this time period we naturally will find it within if we are willing and we look at it so we can purge it.
There is a focus on relationships with the eclispe season which is why I’m offering relationship mini astrology readings order yours here by Feb. 7th..either their growth, death or transformation.

Leo is the archetype of courageous self-love.
A courageous self needs to be lit up with the hope of showing others the way.

Just like the sun shines bright to awaken that likeness within self.

But with the full moon in Leo now is a time that we all need to take a deep look at what keeps us going internally.
Our passions.

What are the things that make you unique and keep you sane during these times?

This is what you are supposed to focus on.

Your Creative Power Abundant Health ya’ll..
Those that have been pushing too hard and taking too much in(maybe all of us) will meet exhaustion, a time for rest becomes necessary before Spring emerges next month, bringing with it the need for more of our external energy.
Uranus in Aries invites us to be open to our own inner changes opposes Jupiter in Libra expanding on our lessons in balancing energies, emotions and our own resistance. Jupiter just went retrograde as well.
Allowing us space to redesign what we truly want in terms of beauty, truth and justice.

Embodying the energies of the lion requires you to be clear when things are draining your power and to be ready to protect yourself and others.
The Lion is smart, the lion has composure but when a lion is required to protect their family they always come out on top.

Lions can not be rationalized with.
Their intuition knows all.
Before one even speaks Lion knows if your intentions are clean.

We are awakening our inner Lion/ness.

We will not bow to any forces that don’t have an aura of respect and dignity for all.

So where in your chart is this energy focused on?

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