Full Super Moon in Gemini- Purge the Old Ways

The Full Super Moon is December 3rd in 11 degrees of Gemini.

Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini, Hermes is the messenger of the zodiac.  A Super Moon means that the Moon is closer to the Earth and so some say it has a stronger influence.  I agree with that belief.


This weekend stay open to the messages that come through.  We may be very aware of messages from unexpected places so that we can purge the old and learn new ways of being alive. 

Other astral influences at that time such as Mercury going retrograde conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Saturn all in Sagittarius are activating this Full Moon with more than some may be ready for, read my mercury retrograde post to learn more about how to cope with that one.

Meditation and processing are essential at this time.  The opportunity for cosmic awareness and higher visions for ourselves is abound.  There is also the opportunity for conflicts around information and lessons in finding your own truth.  Conflicts can come up around merchants, authority figures, purchases and services that help us to communicate with each other.

Super Moons are typically extra potent: trouble sleeping, being extra chatty, and feeling a little manic are all a possibility.  This is especially true if you have more mercurial or air influences in your own chart.

This is a time to take extra good care of your body and drink extra water so that you can purge more of the old. 

If you have the opportunity to get out in nature and sit with this full moon I highly recommend it.  It will help pull us forward into a new story with less heaviness and more optimism. 

Watch this video to learn more: