Draining Our Inner Swamp

We are midway through Scorpio season and it’s a great time to take inventory.  What have you already released?  Where do you need to create more space for purging, clearing, digging deep and releasing.

 Friday the 10th of November is the last quarter moon in Leo on Friday. 

The moon squares the sun and it is this time period each month that we look at what we learned this cycle and purge what is no longer serving us.  This month the purge is particularly potent because Scorpio is all about it. 

We need to drain our own inner swamp so that they is more space to shine.

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As the sun makes it's way through Scorpio season I am reminded of a story about our inner swamp.

Have you ever been so involved in something that you realize that you haven't been thinking many other thoughts for a while?  Oh man I love those times of mindfulness and peace.

One day I was swimming like this in the river, mindlessly.  I would let the current take me them I would swim furiously against the stream.   Masculine and feminine equalized. 

Then my friend pointed out that she wanted to go to the waterfall upstream.  I nodded and started swimming up stream.

At some point I realized I could touch so I did some resistance walking in the water.  And as I was pushing so hard it hit me.  A thought that wasn't completely my own.

It felt profound at the time: As more and more men get comfortable exploring their inner feminine, it gives space for the feminine to feel into their masculine and vice versa.  Which then followed by this thought:

"Are we as women keeping our side of the street clean in order to come into more positions of power?"  Which also came with a memory of a time when women were in charge and doing it just as poorly as the men, if not worse.

Hmm these were uncomfortable thoughts to have while hiking against the current, so I found a rock to sit on. 

The integration is allowed to take place when we rest, this is the sacred feminine principle. Where have we been forced to disown parts of ourselves?

I sat there for a long time, then when I felt ready I started rock hopping.  I remembered how agile I was as a child and teen.  I wondered why I felt like I had to put that masculine part of me away and when it happened?  

Was it when I got kicked off the soccer team because I skipped too much school because I had a learning challenge that went unnoticed?  Or was it when I quit track team because I just wanted to numb out with pot and drinking?  Was it when I gave up surfing because I became a mom and surfing and mom-ing didn't mix?  

I don't know when exactly it happened but it happened.  And I was ready for that part of me to come home. And this is where my side of the street got clean.  I know what I need and I'm going after it.  It's only my fault if I don't make it happen, there is no one to blame.  It's not optional, it's what I need to be fully present in my masculine and feminine.

The end.

Thanks for reading,