Sagittarius Season Horoscopes

Sagittarius season is represented by an archer; it belongs to the element of fire.  This is the season where we understand our connection to spirit.  We get inspired, we learn, our higher vision takes off.  The archer of the Sagittarius constellation that the sun is moving through is half animal, half human.  It's the time where we understand our lower mammalian drives and our higher consciousness for ascending, learning, and growing.  We set new goals and we reach out to make it happen.  Read on to get the most out of the last month of 2017. 


Journey Through the Signs for Cosmic Guidance

*Make sure to read your sun, moon and rising sign if you know them, for optimal success.


Hey strong Aries, it’s time to leave the past in the past and look towards the future with new eyes.  Your internal resources are only available to you when you are feeling powerful...  and you are powerful Aries, we all know this.  While the Sun is in Sagittarius though, another fire sign just like yours, it becomes vital for you to feel into your internal resources to renew your identity.  More resilient than ever before, it’s time for you to step out with your skills ready to shine.  It may be tempting to look back at how many times you have not met goals.  Now is the time to focus on where you got it right in the past, and what drives you forward. What motivates you?  How does it make you feel to succeed?  Start by focusing on your achievements, rather than your failures so that the successes magnify.  You can, and should ask for help this month so that you don’t take on too much.  Yes, I know you struggle with asking for help, just be vulnerable with those that you’re going to need assistance from this month, and do not take on too much.

Consider this: 

Asking for help is how most people come out on top.  How can you be vulnerable, and take baby steps to ask for what you need?



Well, well, well aren’t you a happy camper this month?  Even with the challenges, this is a time period of inspirations and creativity. This typically comes after a time of internal conflict, but now the breakthrough is here to stay.  This Sagittarius season will inspire your deepest passions and manifestations.  Your intuition will be set on fire, so don’t question the insights that are coming in right now.  You are being guided - it’s up to you if you choose to listen or not.  This spark of possibility that you are feeling needs to be fed by your attention.  When we let go of resistance and what we think we know, that is when the real magic is invited in.  We just completed a journey through a very stubborn time period, now take notice to how good it feels to let things move and flow without becoming rigid or thinking that something is wrong.  Where can you invite more fluidity and personal power into your life?

Consider This:

Writing is a perfect practice this season to notice flow along with making sure you get enough sleep and screen free time.



Eek Gemini, this time period may be just the right one for you to do a word or gossip cleanse.  Otherwise you may be finding yourself in more conflicts than you are able to handle at this time.  What you really deserve is a little time in, to be alone with some of your thoughts and beliefs so that you can process through them, but I’m guessing you won’t have the time for that, right?  The Full Moon on December 3rd is in Gemini, it is a time where you can step back and make sure you aren’t getting yourself in too deep.  Remember words hurt even if they don’t necessarily hurt you.  There is a certain amount of humility that is finding it’s way to you and it’s for the purpose of your personal growth. Tensions that you have been working through might just come flying outta your mouth before you have time to review and hold back.  This is especially true if you are drinking, I highly recommend skipping that drink at the work party and keep it simple.  If you know you are struggling with specific people, try to create a little space between you both and process a bit first.

Consider This:

Where do you feel most unsatisfied?  Time to get creative in your time management skills.  Feed yourself so resentments don't build.



Wow, what’s that you say Cancer?  You’ve found some more masculine drive and insight to move forward in a nurturing way? Oh so happy for you, we all could use more Cancerian energy out there in the big 'ole nutty world.  Get shit done before December 20th when Saturn moves into Capricorn your opposing sign.  It won’t be hard the whole transit, but Sagittarius season is definitely a good push time, so use it.  It’s vital to not get stuck in your own struggles, your own world inside your shell.  As you push out into the world and start listening to other people’s stories, you are reminded that nothing and no one is perfect and everything is going to be ok.  Your empathic nature is your strength, so don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage this month.  Don’t listen to those that say you are too sensitive, this is your superpower.  The new confidence coming off of you is crystal clear, so use it!

Consider This:

You have gifts to share, make a list of what you have to offer and own every single item.  You got this.



We can only truly move forward when we begin to look within.  It is only by looking back, seeing how far we’ve come and how different we really are now that we are truly free from past illusions.  The dharma point in the chart pointed at right at you it means you may be pulled into a new opportunity or work situation.  It is vital for you to be clear in your communication and goals, and to remember that to fully step into our future we must make peace with the past.  This is a period for you to burn off past mistakes and be reborn into the future with a fresh perspective.  Loss, dramas, betrayals and heartbreak have shaped you but they don’t make you.  Steady yourself this Sagittarius season so you can let the arrow of the future carry you into who you were born to be.  Most importantly this Sagittarius season, take time to pause, ponder and listen.

Consider This:

This may be a good time to get back to any activities that bring you insight: running, walking, basketball or dancing... make it happen for your well being.



Rest up dear one, this is your opportunity to reset that beautiful overactive mind of yours.  Your identity may be looking to you to remodel, redo, and remake things all a new right now.  Don’t question the hunches you are getting about what area of your life wants a makeover.  The way these areas may show up is in insecurities but this is just offering you the opportunity to re-configure and reanalyze.  Is it in your relationship, is it your way of thinking about what you have to offer to the community around you?  Trust your hunches.  If you aren’t getting the insight you desire, try sleeping with a notepad right by your bed and leaving your phone in another room.  When you wake, write whatever comes in - whichever parts of your dream you remember.  You are in the process of metamorphosis but it requires your rest while you cocoon into the butterfly. 

Consider This:

No one knows what you need more than you, if friends have advice for you, make sure you run it past your own internal guidance system.



Many times when we truly need to move forward in an area of our life, we must do it alone.  This requires faith and courage.  It also requires you to be a bit selfish which can challenge your nature.  For someone like you, that is so beautifully balanced, it can be frustrating and scary to jump alone.  Why go alone you may ask, when the whole group may want to come with?  It takes a deep trust that you won’t offend or lose the people that are meant to be in your future.  Your deep belief in honesty and integrity cannot get in the way of what you personally need to be healthy and assert good boundaries with friends and family. In this way, we help those around us to find their own inner equilibrium and it is the best gift you can give to loved ones this holiday season, Libra.  Let the cup overfloweth.

Consider This:

Every time you want peace and harmony in your outer world, pause and ask yourself what will bring you those feelings internally, then move forward from that place.



The season that ushers in opportunities for you to tap into your flow of creativity and abundance is here. Whatever you are feeling right now is likely big, if things are good they are real good.  Abundance is flowing your way, your ideas have the space to really take off especially when you focus on work or creative projects.  Now let me bring you a bit of forethought, when you are feeling so good is precisely the time to tend to your internal emotions and your physical body.  Nourish the areas that will feed your creative ideas.  What do these areas need from you?  Come at your health with that same sense of abundance and creativity.  Keep drinking water, get exercise and tend to your emotions.  Mars, the planet of moving forward will be transiting your sign this season and that extra pressure can be a little much after a while, so the time to nourish has begun.  And don’t get swung up in other people’s dramas Scorpio, you know they are just trying to distract from what you need to do.

Consider This:

Every time the phone rings or buzzes pause before you respond.  Are you in a good place to interact?  If not, it can wait.



This is your fresh start Sagittarius... make what you will of it.  The possibilities are endless, so it takes wisdom and insight to understand where it’s best to invest your time and resources.  This is a month that is meant for you to listen, the ancestors are trying to guide you.  Pause, reflect, leave space in your schedule so that your whole way of being has the flexibility to morph into what is being asked of you at this time.  Leave the ideas of how it’s “supposed to be” to rest in the Earth, this is a whole new era. The possibilities are infinite - stay open.  The more flexible you can be, the more potent your medicine at the end of the day.  Get out in the fresh air, play, and remember the fire in you wants to find new expression always. Be open, and get space from anyone in your life that can’t accept your fiery expression.  This is your final test from Saturn in your home sign, do it right before he moves out December 20th.  Leave fear behind, you’ve got this. 

Consider this:

Where do you find the most inspiration?  Is it in the forest, in the art studio, in your bathtub?  Wherever you find it, commit to spending some time there this month.



This season will likely be a time of revelations.  In what areas of your life have you been lacking in compassion for yourself? This is the time to uncover how best to help yourself by first accepting and loving all that makes you a human. Now is the time to release the struggle.  It’s may be so familiar for you to judge yourself that you no longer notice when it is happening.  When you look at the ones you love dearest, how do you want them to remember you?  Those that are most successful are the ones that have the courage to give themselves chances to mess up and still keep trying things.  Someone once said “kindness is more important than wisdom” and in order to be kind you have to start with the way you talk to yourself.  Energy in your own heart is what is asking to be cultivated this month so that you can shine bigger and brighter.  Success is knocking, but never stays with the cynical.  Own all the pieces that naturally bring levity to your life, it’s all happening!  Actions taken in greed end badly, instead do it for love.  Stay with it, you got this.

Consider this:

In order to create form and structure in your life, you first need to be fired up about something.  Focus on those things right now because they will carry you through.  



Oh yes.  You are coming home to your true nature, to Self.  Forget those that say that you are detached and aloof.  You are happiness, you bring it others, many times without knowing that you have graced their path.  Many times those fuckers don’t even recognize that it was you that brightened their day, you just move too fast for them, it’s ok.  Stop boxing yourself in, stop listening to everyone else.  No one is one way all the time.  The alone time right now is vital to your wellbeing, this is how you show others how to take space for themselves.  This Sagittarius season offers you a sense of calm and cleansing if you are willing to feel into it.  This space frees you from heavier emotions that you have been carrying on your head like a gallon of water.  It is the old way of thinking that says you should carry it all along for the ride because suffering and traveling go hand in hand.  Now though you may realize that the suffering is optional, it lives in over thinking not in the actual doing.  Not all that wander are lost (said somebody that wasn’t me).

Consider this:

Where are you ready to free yourself from your own beliefs about suffering and carrying shit that doesn’t belong to you?  It’s the perfect season for a good fire, burn away that which is no longer serving you.



Ok sure yes, you may be feeling a sense of uncertainty of the future... of what is yet to come.   For an intuitive being this can be both frustrating and somewhat exiting as long as you get spiritual with it.  It’s like you are out on a boat and you can’t see the shore but you know you are damn close to the coast.  This time period is about you trusting your skills, trusting your abilities and trusting your faith.  Sagittarius time assists you in using these gifts to build on your inherent enthusiasm. You made it this far without knowing what dreams and visions will actually manifest.  If the journey was all paved and the map was laid out for you to check off as you reached each destination, life would be oh so boring.  The journey really happens within and the external events are a result of that.  You are doing such great work at trusting and working your magic making muscles and yet the unseen is just as beautiful as that which is created from the unseen.  Abraham Hicks is known to say “trust the unseen more than what’s right in front of you” and that is just the advice that you can use to your benefit this month.

Consider this:

Being unattached to the results this season is the way to go.  What in you wants to be given form, what aches for expression? Give it life, please.