Grounding the Visions into Being

The Full Moon is Friday Nov. 3rd at 10:20 pm (PST) in 12 degrees of Taurus, bringing with it lots of interesting relationship energies of all kinds. We are being led toward more sovereignty without isolation - which is super exciting times to be in.

This moon cycle is all about valuing ourselves and our soul's path. For those of you that ask me when things will calm down, it's really not going to any time soon. We are being asked to work with it and step up, this was the original agreement after all. 

Adaptation and growth come when we can ground our visions into being.

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This is a Venusian cycle, highlighting how well we give and receive energy; we will notice areas come up where we may have been guarded or stingy in the past. The opportunity is here to cleanse these old patterns.

We are being encouraged to ask ourselves "where have we been blocking sacred flow?"


The moon in Taurus means that our emotional life at this Full Moon is flavored with all that is Taurus. 

Taurus is stubborn, sensual, and she tends to be master manifestor so this is a time for us to ground the dreamy parts of ourselves into the 3D.

Dreams are very potent and important at this time, so notice what has been coming up for you this week: feelings, thoughts, reminders - our deeper consciousness wants to be recognized.  It has great meaning for this season of hibernation and integration so make space in your life for hibernation, that's where the visionary parts of us can come through.

Taurus full moon time will assist with flushing out those visions and releasing all that has held you back in the past from reaching these visions. That is why this week it's important to honor your personal strengths and hone them to succeed more fully because Taurus wants you to make it all happen and she is stubborn as fuck. 

We are forced to look at our own resistance to our success in all aspects of our life.

In general Scorpio season is all about transformation and alchemy. The polarization of Scorpio and Taurus both fixed signs that are stubborn and push us forward into the unknown, they are both a force.

Taurus seeks to build in the seen world: practical and physical, while Scorpio seeks to transform and grow in the ethereal realm of our consciousness... which many times means destroying that which the ego has so carefully built. 

The combination of Sun in Scorpio - the magical grandmother, and Moon in Taurus - the fierce feminine stabilizer is just the energy we need to ground our soul's visions into being.

It's possible that at this time you will see where you may have been self sabotaging, or unconsciously blocking yourself from making things happen or receiving in the physical world.  For those that have lots of water in their chart, you'll likely feel this effect more so than others. 

We also have the added dreamy influence of Neptune in Pisces trining the Sun at this Full Moon, which means we have the opportunity to reach into the depths of our soul and pull out the parts of us that may have been in hiding in the subconscious. 

If you set intentions during the New Moon in Libra, this is a perfect time to look back, assess, and push yourself forward on goals. 

Writing is a favorable form of integration at this time, as is metaphysical healing work.

Infinite Love,


Watch my video on the astro-energies for this week: