The Scorpion's Tale

The new Moon in Scorpio is on November 18th at 3:42am. 

Believe it or not the Scorpion lives within us all.
If you know anything about growing food you know that the biggest fruit need to planted the deepest.  In the deep darkness of the Earth, where Scorpions live. 

Nothing is deeper than Scorpio new moon time. 

We may think we can stay all light and love all the time but that is not the purpose of the Scorpio's tale or better said the Scorpion's tail.  The only way to know true health is to go without it.  The only way to know true pleasure is to know true pain.  The only way to know the importance of light, is to be without it. 

To go into the darkness fully with no qualms, that is the only way we learn to cultivate our inner light. 



We leap into the darkness.  The only way to reach our own inner gleam, is by fully becoming it.  First though we must embrace it all, the darkness that led us to where we can truly sparkle and shine.  Light is only required when it is dark.  This is our greatest tale. 

Our tail, our roots, our depth.  It's where the poison is held.  We all hold our own poison, our own journey. 

Our tale.

We often try desperately to escape this journey, the hero's journey we try instead fill it with fantasy, substance, status, intelligence but Scorpion's tale forces us to go into the depths of our consciousness, our own personal underworld. 

We journey deep to see what is still held in there for us to alchemize, for us to renew our commitment, to find that which we will turn into an arrow during Sagittarius season which thankfully begins shortly after this new moon.  If you aren't already get on my moon oracle update list to receive a free workbook for Sagittarius season.

The poison takes us on a journey, the journey brings in new visions, these visions are everything right now.  Slow your roll and envision, feel, steep, go within.

This is the time to dig deep.

What is the Scorpion's tale got in store for you?  Look to what house 26 degrees of Scorpio falls for you.  A great time to schedule a private reading.

Other important aspects:

Mars in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn unearthing deep inner drives that we may have even kept hidden from ourselves around finding balance within our work world.  In the outer world we may see an uncovering of information that brings balance no matter how messy it may appear as it unfolds.

Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio bring abundance to intentions you set at this new moon.  It also brings luck and love to wherever journey into darkness.  Intentions set with love and a sense of abundance will be the strongest of all, not out of fear and lack.

Saturn finishing up in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are trining bringing in changes and transformation to our visions our higher mind and our belief systems.

A great time to do some visioning and dreaming about your purpose and plans for the future.

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