Let it flow, let it go.

On Thursday October 19th we have a new moon in the sign of Libra.

The new moon is when we set intention for the next 28 days. Libra is the star role of this new moon which makes intentions setting in finding inner balance, harmony, justice, relationship makeovers, beautifying shared spaces particularly potent.  Scroll down to the bottom to watch the video on these energies.

One can just look at the current societal happenings to be reminded that we are all transforming and shaping what we want the future to look like.  As we all allow ourselves to see what part we play in the patriarchy.  Women and men.  All of us.


There is still a grand fire trine lit up which activates all that fire into changes for this new moon.
This Grand Fire trine of transformation is happening with Saturn(the great teacher) and Black Moon Lilith(the greatest Slut their ever was). With the north node in Leo, moving us more towards a bright future once we transform and transmute all this shame, anger and fear.

This year has been a lot about transformation and the rest of the year promises to continue to remind us that change is good, change is necessary and that change still does hurt no matter how much we all need it.

When a new moon includes Mercurial processing and Jupiter expanding on the depth and taboo subjects things get a little interesting.   An opposition to Uranus in Aries which offers explosive speed changes in the revolution of the self to change the whole.  Micro to the macro.

This all can make for a messy week and more spiky than most new moons.
Air and fire don’t feel as dreamy and internal as per the usual new moon.
It can feel like a raging wildfire, that is blowing through burning all the old ways down.

There is a bigger purpose in play here, one that needs to be trusted to be felt.

Libra is the yin and yang. Libra is the balanced scales, libra is seeking to see all sides to a story. What energies could you use more of right now? Yin or Yang? Masculine or Feminine? This is a great time to allow for the flow of both.

Look at what house Libra is in for you that will give you an idea of what area in life you could be intention setting around.  Want to set up an intuitive or astrological reading?  Schedule here

This is finale of Uranus in Aries a finale that will last until April 2018. 

So accept change, be change, live change because resistance is futile.

All in all this week is about getting honest with ourselves and accepting the changes that have taken place, are taking place and will take place in the future. Journal your way through this one. Let it flow, let it go.
It's all good.

Were you born between 1972-1983?

It is likely that you have Pluto in Libra. And as such this this new moon time may be conjunct Pluto for you. Pluto is uncomfortable, it’s the unseen forces that once seen can heal you but you will do everything you can to not see it.
Pluto is the Greek God in your head that hides facts from you, so that you have to trust the unseen, unproven before it presents itself.

It will feel like it will kill you, but it won’t. And then when you find yourself laying there in a stream of tears, soggy cheerio milk and Lord knows what else you find yourself letting go, letting go of whatever you were holding onto for dear life. Most the time you had no idea that you were even holding on to it. But you fear letting it go.
A story, a lover, a dream.
“But then what?!” your brain screams.
Only when you once and for all drop it, only then will you rise up to standing, hop in the shower, drink a green smoothie and get on with your day. And everyone will gawk at you and they will say “oh you so shiny” and you’ll want to say “bitch you have no idea, what I just been through.”
But you won’t, instead you’ll just smile and say thank you.
That is Pluto.

When you think your gonna die but you don’t.

You just keep on living but with new strange jewels to show off, at first you thought they were scars but now even you can see them as jewels too. It’s confusing I know.

All this beauty being unearthed in the garbage heap.
But it’s all connected. We are all here together for a reason, we are all worthy and we are starting to recognize each other as such.
We are moving forward, fear can’t drag us back to prison but it can insistently whisper in our ear that we should go back there and it will. We don’t want to go back though, the sun is so bright outside so instead we’ll move forward, k?