Jupiter in Scorpio

October 10th Jupiter shifted into Scorpio and will be there until Nov 8 2018. 

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, luck and expansion.  While it was in Libra last year, we learned about balance, much of the learning happened by seeing where we were imbalanced.  Lessons aren't always easy.

When Jupiter is in Scorpio expect everything to expand on digging deep.   Transformation and all that has to do with feminine re-emergence will be explored.  There is the opportunity for more magic and alchemy in the air.

It’s all about transformation, so holding on or not looking at things will not make them go away.


Themes that may be magnified will be inheritance shared money, emotional healing, past lives, healing sexuality, spirit and of course the darker side of Scorpio is pretty much the opposite of all those things. 
Pluto kidnapping Persephone style.

The real scoop is:
The more we resist the more it persists.
This year is good to lean on people you know you can trust.
It is a good time to study healing arts but even more important is choosing teachers with integrity.
No more funny business.

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There will be more and more humans learning about occult.
Important to know is that there is always going to be those that want to use occult for power not for healing.

Scorpio's highest self is the phoenix rising from the ashes, re-birth.  Scorpio's shadow side is power plays.
Knowing the difference is everything.
Money is the exchange of energy and we all have the capacity to earn money. When money is used for power, control or manipulation then it has alchemized from the lighter side of Scorpio to the dark side.

Important to know what house Jupiter will be transiting for you. Look where Scorpio is in your chart.   And if you are a Scorpio sun, moon or rising it’s likely to be a big year.  Watch this video to learn more:

Also those of us born from September 1975-November 1981 have Uranus in Scorpio which is exalted, meaning it’s got power here.  This year will bring this generation some big changes depending on what house placement you have.
As my friend Melanie from Beautiful Astrology says: “Look back to 2006 and see if any big changes occurred”. 
What kind of alchemy or transformation did you see that year?  For me that was the year I gave birth to my first child.  That was the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio.

Where is Scorpio at for you in your chart? And what planets are there shaping your experience?

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